22 Load Board
78 Carrier Board


While transporting items it is likely that customers are worried about the security of the items. The team of TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD has developed the structure while making the safety factor as one of the key objective of the company. To ensure security and safety of items we work on making customers aware about various measures that they should adopt like, we strictly recommend the customers who post shipment requirements to avoid instant cash to the service providers in order to avoid any chances of fraud. The means of instant transfer keep the real identity of the person in shadow and therefore the customer is left with very little to do in case of any fraudulent.

We suggest our customers to work on written contracts in order to maintain transparency in the work and mentioning the précised details on the contract will again increase the efficiency of the shipment process as well as reduce risk.

In case of upfront deposits the customers are requested to consider the guidelines mentioned by the service provider and must understand the conditions in which refund is applicable.

Opting for credit system is the safest means to execute a secure transaction for shipment payment, as the customer can check the condition of the item, which the service provider had promised for and can pay accordingly according to the contract.

It is suggested that always work with the service provider who has a significant amount of credentials, as credentials are the best way to judge the authenticity of the service provider.