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About Us

With a vision to create a smooth and efficient medium to bridge distances the team of TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD has set up a well-dedicated network to cater varied needs of the people. TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD provides a platform to the customers for placing their requirement of shipment and our team takes the charge from there. To avoid the hassle of relocating from one place to another you just have to contact the team of TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD and our proficient and highly experienced team members will give you an extensive service of transporting your various items. Whether it is your vehicle or precious crockery our platform has experts that have hands on handling each and every item of your home in an appropriate manner.

Why Post Your Freight ?

  • Experienced Team of Professionals.
  • Delivery in a short span of time.
  • Enhanced working experience.
  • Highly secured measures to deliver shipment.
  • Appropriate Handling of items. 

For the business holders who deal with transportation and logistics TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD is again an efficient platform to portray the business to the customers in a significant manner. By analyzing the shipment requirement and route the business holders can accordingly bid on these shipment and can avail the best deals with appropriate prices. With the advanced search tool of TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD the business holders are able to find the best suited shipment requirement matching to their routes and hence TRUCKING21 LOADBOARD provides a win-win situation to both customers and freight companies.